DIVISIONAL TOP SCORERS                               17/02/18


  All Divisions           Players                Goals


WALDON CLARETS           HOLLAND TO. (Thomas Owen  53      

SONS OF PITCHES          SOPER L. (Lee)            30      

HARE & HOUNDS            BOWHAY BJ. (BENJAMIN)     27      

GRAND CENTRAL BAR        RUSSELL S. (Stephen)      20      

WALDON CLARETS           DAVIS T. (Tom)            20


CAVENDISH CAVALIERS      PATE M. (Matthew)         20      

GRAND CENTRAL BAR        DODWELL S. (Samuel)       19      

HOTSHOTS                 GALLAWAY-MEYER Z. (Zach)  17      


TOLCHARDS                HALL L. (Lewis)           16


PRESTON SOUTH END        SPENCE J. (James)         15      

KAMAROONS                RAINBOW DL. (Danny Lee)   15      

TOLCHARDS                HARRISON JR. (Joshua R)   15      

INTER YANAN              BAKER C. (Christopher)    13      

WOOLY BACKS              GREEN PJ. (PAUL JAMES)    13


BANANA BUNCH             GRIFFITHS MA. (Mark Anth  13      

PRESTON SOUTH END        POINTON S. (Stuart)       13      

KAMAROONS                BROWN PA. (Paul)          13      

CAVENDISH CAVALIERS      VIRGIN R. (Richard)       13      

TORQUAY PUMAS            MCGOVERN K. (Kevin)       13


REAL MOTION              MUNRO J. (Jamie)          13      

KAMAROONS                THOMAS J. (James)         12      

SONS OF PITCHES          DAW G. (Gregory)          12      

INTER YANAN              MILLIN S. (Sam)           12      

WALDON CLARETS           HAGGAN L. (Lewis)         12


BANANA BUNCH             PRESTWOOD M. (Max)        11      

KAMAROONS                TULLY SR. (Steve)         11      

THE SQUIRTLE SQUAD       WELBOURNE NJ. (Nicholas)  11      

THE SQUIRTLE SQUAD       GRIFFITHS K. (Karl)       11      

RAGGER MUFFINS           LAKE M. (Michael)         11


SONS OF PITCHES          SIBLEY C. (Carlin)        11      

HARE & HOUNDS            HINES M. (MATTHEW)        11      

CAVENDISH CAVALIERS      BENNEY A. (Ashley)        11      

GRAND CENTRAL BAR        BRYANT JR. (James)        10       

THE SQUIRTLE SQUAD       DREW G. (Garry)           10


REAL MOTION              NALIS N. (Nathan)         10      

INTER YANAN              MCKERRELL A. (Alex)       10      

BANANA BUNCH             CHRISTIE PJ. (Paul James  10      

PRESTON SOUTH END        CROCKER K. (Keiron)       10      

WOOLY BACKS              WOOTON T. (Tom)           10


WALDON CLARETS           WILKINSON J. (Jack)       10      

REAL MOTION              REA A. (Alex)             10      

PRESTON SOUTH END        RUSHE D. (Danny)           9      

MATT'S MAESTROS          JUDKINS G. (Gareth)        9      

PRESTON SOUTH END        MOIR P. (Philip)           9