SELECTED PLAYERS REPORT                         14/12/17



   ALDERMAN S. (Shaun)             Current   BANANA BUNCH

   ANDREWS P. (Peter)              Current   PRESTON SOUTH END

   ANDREWS SPM. (Stephen)          Current   BANANA BUNCH

   ARMSTRONG S. (STEWART)          Current   KAMAROONS


   ATKINSON JT. (Jamie Thomas)     Current   RAGGER MUFFINS

   BABB M. (Milan)                 Current   INTER YANAN

   BAILLIE H. (Hayden)             Current   GRAND CENTRAL BAR

   BAILLIE S. (Sam)                Current   MATT'S MAESTROS

   BAKER C. (Christopher)          Current   INTER YANAN


   BALLARD C. (Christopher)        Current   THE SQUIRTLE SQUAD

   BALLARD M. (Matthew)            Current   THE SQUIRTLE SQUAD

   BARLOW T. (Thomas)              Current   INTER YANAN

   BARNETT AP. (Adrian Paul)       Current   GRAND CENTRAL BAR

   BARRETT S. (Stuart)             Current   SONS OF PITCHES


   BASHFORD CJ. (Christopher)      Current   PRESTON SOUTH END

   BAXTER PA. (Peter)              Current   CAVENDISH CAVALIERS

   BENNETT J. (James)              Current   WALDON CLARETS

   BENNEY A. (Ashley)              Current   CAVENDISH CAVALIERS

   BERRYMAN C. (Craig)             Current   TOLCHARDS


   BIANCA G. (Giuliano)            Current   RAGGER MUFFINS

   BIDDIS S. (Sean)                Current   SONS OF PITCHES

   BLABER G. (Gareth)              Current   REAL MOTION

   BLABER J. (Joshua)              Current   REAL MOTION

   BLACK J. (Jordan)               Current   TORBAYDOS


   BLACKBURN A. (Adam)             Current   INTER YANAN

   BOLTON CJ. (Callum John)        Current   RAGGER MUFFINS

   BOWDEN S. (STEVEN)              Current   THE SQUIRTLE SQUAD

   BOWERBANK D. (David)            Current   TORQUAY PUMAS

   BOWERS M. (MICHAEL)             Current   WOOLY BACKS


   BOWHAY BJ. (BENJAMIN)           Current   HARE & HOUNDS

   BOWSER LC. (Luke)               Current   THE SQUIRTLE SQUAD

   BROOME S. (Stephen)             Current   REAL MOTION

   BROWN PA. (Paul)                Current   KAMAROONS

   BROWN R. (Ryan)                 Current   TOLCHARDS


   BROWN WK. (Wez Kurt)            Current   RAGGER MUFFINS

   BRYANT JR. (James)              Current   GRAND CENTRAL BAR

   BULLOCK S. (Steven)             Current   TORBAYDOS


   BURMAN GA. (Gary)               Current   KAMAROONS


   BUSCOMBE AJ. (Alex Joseph)      Current   HARE & HOUNDS

   CANNAN A. (Adam)                Current   TOLCHARDS

   CANNON M. (Mitchell)            Current   TOLCHARDS

   CARNE TD. (Thomas David)        Current   TORQUAY PUMAS

   CARR R. (Robert)                Current   REAL MOTION


   CHALCRAFT A. (Adam)             Current   GRAND CENTRAL BAR


   CHATFIELD R. (Robert)           Current   BANANA BUNCH

   CHRISTIE PJ. (Paul James)       Current   BANANA BUNCH

   CLARKE C. (Curtis)              Current   INTER YANAN


   CLARKE MR. (Matthew)            Current   MATT'S MAESTROS

   COLES M. (Martin John)          Current   TORBAYDOS

   COLLINS MJ. (Matthew John)      Current   KAMAROONS

   COOMBES P. (PAUL)               Current   BANANA BUNCH

   COOPER D. (Dominic)             Current   HARE & HOUNDS

                                  TORBAY LEISURE 7-A-SIDE LEAGUE


           SELECTED PLAYERS REPORT                         14/12/17


   COOTE G. (Gary)                 Current   REAL MOTION

   COSTELBLANCO S. (Sebastion)     Current   TORQUAY PUMAS

   COULSON M. (Mark)               Current   GRAND CENTRAL BAR

   COX GA. (Graham)                Current   BANANA BUNCH

   COX J. (Jeremy)                 Current   WALDON CLARETS


   COYSH G. (Gavin)                Current   WOOLY BACKS

   CRIBBLE BJ. (Billy-John)        Current   INTER YANAN

   CROCKER K. (Keiron)             Current   PRESTON SOUTH END

   CURRIE J. (John)                Current   TORQUAY PUMAS

   D'APRANO A. (Alessandro)        Current   TOLCHARDS


   DANDY S. (Scott)                Current   INTER YANAN

   DANIEL LS. (Lee Steven)         Current   CAVENDISH CAVALIERS

   DAVIDSON G. (George)            Current   THE SQUIRTLE SQUAD

   DAVIS T. (Tom)                  Current   WALDON CLARETS

   DAW G. (Gregory)                Current   SONS OF PITCHES


   DEAN-GRAY B. (Ben)              Current   TORBAYDOS

   DELLER L. (LUKE)                Current   HOTSHOTS

   DENBOW A. (Alan)                Current   CAVENDISH CAVALIERS

   DEVINE J. (John)                Current   RAGGER MUFFINS

   DODWELL S. (Samuel)             Current   GRAND CENTRAL BAR


   DOWD G. (Gary)                  Current   HOTSHOTS

   DOWNING C. (CRAIG)              Current   REAL MOTION

   DOWNING J. (Jack)               Current   TORBAYDOS

   DREW G. (Garry)                 Current   THE SQUIRTLE SQUAD

   DUGGAN P. (Paul)                Current   RAGGER MUFFINS


   DUNN D. (David)                 Current   GRAND CENTRAL BAR

   DUNN JA. (Jon Andrew)           Current   MATT'S MAESTROS

   DUNSTONE MC. (Martin Craig)     Current   CAVENDISH CAVALIERS

   EASTLEY J. (Jake)               Current   SONS OF PITCHES

   EATON M. (Mark)                 Current   HARE & HOUNDS


   EDDOWES C. (Christopher)        Current   KAMAROONS

   EDE M. (Mark)                   Current   MATT'S MAESTROS

   ETTLES T. (Tobi)                Current   TORBAYDOS

   EVANS L. (Luke)                 Current   BANANA BUNCH

   FARKINS R. (Richard)            Current   HARE & HOUNDS


   FARLEY C. (Ciaran)              Current   WALDON CLARETS

   FARR SD. (Sean David)           Current   PRESTON SOUTH END

   FELTON J. (Jamie)               Current   TOLCHARDS

   FIELDING L. (Luke)              Current   TORBAYDOS

   FITZGERALD A. (Andy)            Current   RAGGER MUFFINS


   FITZSIMONS G. (Gary)            Current   WOOLY BACKS

   FOLLONI A. (Alnardo)            Current   BANANA BUNCH

   FORRESTER M. (MATTHEW)          Current   HOTSHOTS

   FOULKES T. (Timothy)            Current   THE SQUIRTLE SQUAD



   FRENSHAM J. (Jamie)             Current   BANANA BUNCH

   FROST J. (James)                Current   CAVENDISH CAVALIERS

   GALLAWAY-MEYER Z. (Zach)        Current   HOTSHOTS

   GAY DE. (Duncan E)              Current   TORQUAY PUMAS

   GILES GW. (Gareth)              Current   GRAND CENTRAL BAR


   GILL M. (Mark)                  Current   THE SQUIRTLE SQUAD

   GOLDRICK M. (Michael)           Current   GRAND CENTRAL BAR

   GREEN PJ. (PAUL JAMES)          Current   WOOLY BACKS

   GRIFFITHS K. (Karl)             Current   THE SQUIRTLE SQUAD

   GRIFFITHS MA. (Mark Anthony)    Current   BANANA BUNCH

                                  TORBAY LEISURE 7-A-SIDE LEAGUE


           SELECTED PLAYERS REPORT                         14/12/17


   GUNDRY M. (Michael)             Current   TORBAYDOS

   HACKETT AG. (Adam Gary)         Current   WOOLY BACKS

   HAGGAN D. (Darryl)              Current   WALDON CLARETS

   HAGGAN L. (Lewis)               Current   WALDON CLARETS

   HALBROW N. (Nicholas)           Current   MATT'S MAESTROS


   HALL L. (Lewis)                 Current   TOLCHARDS

   HAMBLY M. (Martin)              Current   MATT'S MAESTROS

   HAMBLY M. (Matthew)             Current   MATT'S MAESTROS

   HAND A. (Adrian)                Current   CAVENDISH CAVALIERS

   HANNEY S. (Stuart)              Current   SONS OF PITCHES


   HARRISON JR. (Joshua R)         Current   TOLCHARDS

   HART D. (David)                 Current   TORBAYDOS

   HART J. (James)                 Current   MATT'S MAESTROS

   HART SJ. (Stephen John)         Current   BANANA BUNCH

   HEATHER J. (Joshua)             Current   TORBAYDOS


   HELLIWELL DC. (David)           Current   REAL MOTION

   HEMPSEED S. (Scott)             Current   RAGGER MUFFINS

   HENBEST M. (MATT)               Current   TORQUAY PUMAS


   HERRIOT C. (Christopher)        Current   SONS OF PITCHES


   HICKS S. (Scott)                Current   HOTSHOTS

   HINES M. (MATTHEW)              Current   HARE & HOUNDS

   HOARE CJ. (Chris John)          Current   HARE & HOUNDS

   HOLLAND R. (Richard)            Current   WALDON CLARETS

   HOLLAND TO. (Thomas Owen)       Current   WALDON CLARETS


   HOOPER D. (DANIEL)              Current   TORQUAY PUMAS

   HOOPER S. (STUART)              Current   TORQUAY PUMAS

   HUBBARD J. (Joe)                Current   TORQUAY PUMAS

   HUNT J. (Gareth Jeff)           Current   THE SQUIRTLE SQUAD

   HUTCHINSON L. (Liam)            Current   TORBAYDOS



   JEFFREY L. (Luke)               Current   MATT'S MAESTROS

   JONES A. (ANDREW)               Current   HARE & HOUNDS

   JONES C. (Christopher)          Current   HOTSHOTS

   JONES D. (Darryl)               Current   TORQUAY PUMAS


   JONES L. (Lewis)                Current   TOLCHARDS

   JONES M. (MICHAEL)              Current   HOTSHOTS

   JUDKINS B. (Bradley)            Current   MATT'S MAESTROS

   JUDKINS G. (Gareth)             Current   MATT'S MAESTROS

   KEATING D. (Daniel)             Current   PRESTON SOUTH END


   KELL J. (Jonathan)              Current   GRAND CENTRAL BAR

   KENDALL C. (Craig)              Current   CAVENDISH CAVALIERS

   KIRWEN H. (Harley)              Current   BANANA BUNCH

   KNIGHT A. (Aidan)               Current   MATT'S MAESTROS

   KOWALSKI MJ. (Michael J)        Current   HARE & HOUNDS


   LAKE M. (Michael)               Current   RAGGER MUFFINS

   LANE NK. (Nigel)                Current   KAMAROONS

   LARDNER K. (Kyle)               Current   CAVENDISH CAVALIERS

   LARGE I. (Ian)                  Current   TOLCHARDS

   LARGE J. (JASON)                Current   WOOLY BACKS


   LAWLEY T. (Terry)               Current   TOLCHARDS

   LEE J. (John)                   Current   WOOLY BACKS

   LEWIS B. (Ben)                  Current   TOLCHARDS

   LINDON LR. (Liam Roy)           Current   KAMAROONS

   LOFTUS J. (Jordan)              Current   THE SQUIRTLE SQUAD

                                  TORBAY LEISURE 7-A-SIDE LEAGUE


           SELECTED PLAYERS REPORT                         14/12/17


   LUSCOMBE J. (Justin)            Current   BANANA BUNCH

   MANSELL D. (Darren)             Current   RAGGER MUFFINS

   MCARTHUR L. (Lee)               Current   RAGGER MUFFINS

   MCFARLANE C. (CARL)             Current   INTER YANAN

   MCGOVERN K. (Kevin)             Current   TORQUAY PUMAS


   MCHENRY A. (ALEX)               Current   THE SQUIRTLE SQUAD

   MCHENRY DR. (David Robert)      Current   THE SQUIRTLE SQUAD

   MCKERRELL A. (Alex)             Current   INTER YANAN

   MCMENAMIN G. (Scott)            Current   SONS OF PITCHES

   MILLIN S. (Sam)                 Current   INTER YANAN


   MOIR P. (Philip)                Current   PRESTON SOUTH END

   MOODY M. (Matthew)              Current   MATT'S MAESTROS

   MORENO RV. (Ricardo V)          Current   WOOLY BACKS

   MORGAN R. (Richard)             Current   TORBAYDOS



   MUNDAY G. (Gary)                Current   PRESTON SOUTH END

   MUNRO J. (Jamie)                Current   REAL MOTION

   NALIS N. (Nathan)               Current   REAL MOTION

   NASH B. (Brandon)               Current   RAGGER MUFFINS

   NEAL S. (Simon)                 Current   HARE & HOUNDS


   NEALE JG. (Jamie George)        Current   INTER YANAN

   NEWMAN MA. (Mark Andrew)        Current   INTER YANAN

   NEWTON J. (Jamie)               Current   HARE & HOUNDS

   NORTON Z. (Zach)                Current   THE SQUIRTLE SQUAD

   O'SULLIVAN L. (Liam)            Current   REAL MOTION


   OLVER GA. (Graham)              Current   TORQUAY PUMAS

   OSBORN B. (Brooke)              Current   WOOLY BACKS

   OUTHWAITE D. (Daniel)           Current   RAGGER MUFFINS

   OWEN GM. (Gary Mark)            Current   WALDON CLARETS

   OWEN R. (Ryan)                  Current   WALDON CLARETS


   PARFREY B. (BEN)                Current   HARE & HOUNDS

   PARTRIDGE A. (Ashley)           Current   TORBAYDOS

   PASSMORE J. (JON)               Current   GRAND CENTRAL BAR

   PASSMORE JM. (Jamie Mark)       Current   GRAND CENTRAL BAR

   PASSMORE S. (Steven)            Current   GRAND CENTRAL BAR



   PATE M. (Matthew)               Current   CAVENDISH CAVALIERS

   PATMORE J. (Josh)               Current   MATT'S MAESTROS

   PEARCE M. (Michael)             Current   TOLCHARDS

   PEOPLES A. (Alex)               Current   HOTSHOTS


   PHILBIN R. (Richard)            Current   CAVENDISH CAVALIERS

   POINTON S. (Stuart)             Current   PRESTON SOUTH END

   POWELL J. (John Charles)        Current   MATT'S MAESTROS

   PRESTWOOD M. (Max)              Current   BANANA BUNCH

   PRICE T. (Tyler)                Current   CAVENDISH CAVALIERS


   PROWSE D. (Dan)                 Current   BANANA BUNCH

   PUGSLEY A. (Andrew)             Current   HOTSHOTS

   PURDIE L. (Lawrence)            Current   KAMAROONS

   RADDON MJ. (Michael)            Current   PRESTON SOUTH END

   RAINBOW DL. (Danny Lee)         Current   KAMAROONS



   RAYBOULD M. (MARK)              Current   KAMAROONS

   RAYMOND G. (Glenn)              Current   INTER YANAN

   REA A. (Alex)                   Current   REAL MOTION


                                  TORBAY LEISURE 7-A-SIDE LEAGUE


           SELECTED PLAYERS REPORT                         14/12/17


   ROBINSON R. (Richard)           Current   INTER YANAN

   ROONEY S. (Sean)                Current   INTER YANAN

   ROOSE D. (DEXTER)               Current   PRESTON SOUTH END

   ROOSE T. (TERRY)                Current   PRESTON SOUTH END

   ROSS S. (Stuart)                Current   HOTSHOTS


   ROUND N. (Nicholas)             Current   WALDON CLARETS

   ROWE G. (GARY)                  Current   WALDON CLARETS

   ROWLANDS C. (Connor)            Current   TORBAYDOS

   RUSHE D. (Danny)                Current   PRESTON SOUTH END

   RUSHE J. (James)                Current   PRESTON SOUTH END


   RUSHE N. (Nicholas)             Current   PRESTON SOUTH END

   RUSSELL S. (Stephen)            Current   GRAND CENTRAL BAR

   RYDER J. (James)                Current   CAVENDISH CAVALIERS


   SCALES L. (LIAM)                Current   REAL MOTION


   SCHOLES W. (William)            Current   WALDON CLARETS

   SIBLEY C. (Carlin)              Current   SONS OF PITCHES

   SIBLEY H. (Hayden)              Current   SONS OF PITCHES

   SIBLEY M. (Matthew)             Current   SONS OF PITCHES

   SIMCOX SB. (Samuel Brian)       Current   INTER YANAN


   SIMONS I. (Ian)                 Current   WOOLY BACKS

   SKEET PD. (PAUL DAVID)          Current   WOOLY BACKS

   SKELLY D. (David)               Current   SONS OF PITCHES

   SKELLY J. (Jonathon)            Current   SONS OF PITCHES

   SKELTON D. (David)              Current   SONS OF PITCHES


   SNELL B. (Billy)                Current   HOTSHOTS

   SNOOK J. (Julian)               Current   REAL MOTION

   SOPER L. (Lee)                  Current   SONS OF PITCHES

   SPENCE J. (James)               Current   PRESTON SOUTH END

   STEPHENSON M. (Matthew)         Current   BANANA BUNCH


   STICKLEY D. (Darran)            Current   WOOLY BACKS

   STOYLE K. (Kevin)               Current   KAMAROONS

   SULLIVAN MC. (Matthew)          Current   TORQUAY PUMAS

   SULLIVAN S. (Sam)               Current   TOLCHARDS

   SWIFT C. (Craig)                Current   RAGGER MUFFINS


   SWINDELLS J. (Jamie)            Current   RAGGER MUFFINS

   TAYLOR A. (Adam)                Current   WALDON CLARETS

   THOMAS CD. (Charles Davi)       Current   KAMAROONS

   THOMAS D. (DAVID)               Current   KAMAROONS

   THOMAS J. (James)               Current   KAMAROONS


   THOMPSON A. (ADRIAN)            Current   KAMAROONS

   THOMPSON A. (Ashley)            Current   HOTSHOTS

   TISSOT RM. (Richard)            Current   WOOLY BACKS

   TOCKNELL C. (Christopher)       Current   BANANA BUNCH

   TOMKOW K. (Keiran)              Current   KAMAROONS


   TSIGARIDES J. (John Eden)       Current   RAGGER MUFFINS

   TUFFEY J. (James)               Current   MATT'S MAESTROS

   TULLY SR. (Steve)               Current   KAMAROONS

   TURNER JW. (James)              Current   HOTSHOTS

   TURNER S. (Scott)               Current   HARE & HOUNDS


   TURNEY G. (GARY)                Current   GRAND CENTRAL BAR

   TWIGGER J. (Joe)                Current   THE SQUIRTLE SQUAD

   UGLOW J. (Joe)                  Current   INTER YANAN

   VAUGHAN J. (Josh)               Current   TORBAYDOS

   VINNICOMBE J. (Jeremy)          Current   SONS OF PITCHES

                                  TORBAY LEISURE 7-A-SIDE LEAGUE


           SELECTED PLAYERS REPORT                         14/12/17


   VIRGIN R. (Richard)             Current   CAVENDISH CAVALIERS

   WADDELL C. (Connor)             Current   RAGGER MUFFINS

   WADDLE A. (Adam)                Current   KAMAROONS

   WAKELY T. (Tom)                 Current   MATT'S MAESTROS

   WALLER R. (Ryan)                Current   WALDON CLARETS


   WARD J. (Joe)                   Current   INTER YANAN

   WATKINS P. (Paul)               Current   GRAND CENTRAL BAR

   WATT J. (Jon)                   Current   HOTSHOTS

   WEBB NM. (NICHOLAS)             Current   HARE & HOUNDS

   WELBOURNE NJ. (Nicholas)        Current   THE SQUIRTLE SQUAD


   WELLS D. (Darren)               Current   TORBAYDOS

   WELLS K. (Kevin)                Current   TORBAYDOS

   WHINNET L. (Lee)                Current   SONS OF PITCHES

   WHITE M. (MATTHEW)              Current   HOTSHOTS

   WHITE N. (Neil)                 Current   GRAND CENTRAL BAR


   WILDEN J. (Joe)                 Current   TORQUAY PUMAS

   WILKEY DJ. (David James)        Current   HOTSHOTS

   WILKINSON J. (Jack)             Current   WALDON CLARETS

   WILLIAMS S. (Simon)             Current   RAGGER MUFFINS

   WILSON R. (Richard)             Current   SONS OF PITCHES


   WOOTON T. (Tom)                 Current   WOOLY BACKS

   WOOTTON J. (James)              Current   HARE & HOUNDS


   WYATT N. (Nicholas)             Current   TORBAYDOS

   YOUNG LK. (Liam Karl)           Current   TORQUAY PUMAS


   YOUNG W. (William)              Current   CAVENDISH CAVALIERS

   ZULHAYIR J. (Jayden)            Current   CAVENDISH CAVALIERS

   ZULHAYIR T. (Tyla)              Current   CAVENDISH CAVALIERS